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Xiuhan - Untitled Red Light District AU Part 2

Stripper!AU - The original edit that inspired this fic.Thank you to lovertronic without whom this fic would not be possible! Thanks to everyone also for the incredible response to part 1, I am beyond grateful!

Pairing: Xiuhan

Rating/Warnings: There is a progression in sexual content. Read at your own discretion.

There was a knock on his office door.

Luhan was still quite satisfied by the fact that he even had an office door. He’d only recently been promoted to a midlevel manager and the best part was that this job had nothing to do with his father’s influence.

“Come in,” he said, swiftly closing the facebook search page, reverting to the company logistics spreadsheet instead. For the better part of the last half hour, he had been trying various ways of rearranging Xiumin’s name in hopes of finding a probable profile. It had been to no avail of course and Luhan had been left wondering if Xiumin was even the performer’s real name.

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do kyungsoo: a brief introduction (requested)